Green Fleet Swag

When we say Nashville runs in our blood, we're serious. In fact, our own founder's Great-great-grandfather was the Sheriff of Nashville in 1934.  (We like to say that ol' grand-daddy Bauman keeps an eye out for us when we ride through the shady parts of town)

The name Green Fleet comes from our company roots as a bicycle messenger service. In 2009, Green Fleet Messengers was started as Nashville's first green delivery service. The courier service is still operated right out of the bike shop. 

Our tour guides include local professors, musicians, business people, home brewers, students and even a Fire Department EMT.  People that truly represent the unfiltered, local story of Music City. Above all, we want to help you make the most of your time in Nashville; with us, and with a bike. 



Now Hiring: Job Positions at Green Fleet

April 23, 2015

As many of you know, Green Fleet has been growing.  Our shop will be relocating to the Capital District later this year.  That means we'll be needing more help.   We have two job positions immediately available at Green Fleet: 1) Dispatcher / Shop Assistant - This position is first responsible for managing our courier service.  This can be a very high pressure task and an ability to multitask and communicate well is very important.  Since we are a small business, this person needs to also be able to take on other tasks within the bicycle shop to ensure that all customers have a positive experience.  These tasks include answering the phone, maintaining a clean working space, and working with customers. ...

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SALE: Surly Superfan Coupon!

January 20, 2015

If you're thinking about getting a Surly Bicycle, now is the time.  The factory folks are giving you a $150 off any complete bike in stock.  That puts the ultimate commuter just got one paycheck closer. So take your pick.  What's it gonna be? A Long Haul Trucker, Cross Check, Ogre, Ice-Cream Truck, Krampus, Pugsley, Pacer, Moonlander, Troll, ECR, Instagator, Karate Monkey, maybe a Big Dummy???  We'll even print the coupon out for you when you come in.

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