July 03, 2013

Best bike rack for your car?

Looking for a bike rack that will fit any car?  Sea Sucker is the brand we endorse.  These are the most durable, easy to use bike racks on the market.  They will fit literally any model of car, camper, van, truck, or ... school bus.  Take it from us or the reviewers at GizMag

We offer free next day shipping anywhere in the US.  You can buy these racks now: 

- Hornet Bike Rack, $175 (one bike, world's smallest bike rack)

- Talon Bike Rack, $270 (one bike)

 - Mini Bomber Bike Rack, $400 (two bikes)

- Flight Deck Bike Rack, $120 (accessory) 

If you have any questions about Sea Sucker, just ask us.   Happy biking!