April 05, 2013

Bicycle Bus Project

We start painting today.  I just wanted to post some background info from our Bicycle Bus Kickstarter for anyone that needs a run down, and a few pictures of the work done so far:

What is the Bicycle Bus? 

"A community mural on a school bus-turned-downtown bicycle hub. To inspire: just as art is for everyone, bikes are for everyone too."

The bicycle bus is a collaborative art project between local artist Andee RudloffGreen Fleet Bicycle Tours & Rentals, the Metro Parks Department, and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville.

The idea is to transform a school bus into a community mural called the Bicycle Bus. The bus, a 1995 Genesis, is currently being turned into a mobile bicycle rental facility that will park each day underneath the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. 

The space underneath the Pedestrian Bridge was previously vacant and underutilized. Green Fleet Bicycle Tours & Rentals has partnered with Metro Parks Department to transform the space into a destination for people who want to explore Nashville by bike. 

The finished bus will have hardwood floors, retail displays, and facilities for up to 30 rental bicycles.

What will be the impact of this project?  

Art changes attitudes, inspires creativity, and brings communities together. We think having an artistic focal point for bicycles in the heart of downtown can help transform the way that people think about bicycles in Nashville. 

The bicycle bus will increase access to bicycles, introduce new audiences to bicycling, and assist city-wide initiatives to promote active living through cycling.

As an art project, the Bicycle Bus will be one of a kind - a visual invitation for people to explore Nashville by bike. As a cycling resource, the Bicycle Bus will make Nashville more bicycle-friendly.

What is a community mural? 

Devised to remind individuals that 'art is for everyone,' a community mural is a community-based visual art project. Designed by professional artist and painted with the help of volunteers, the art is a collaborative effort. 

An early adapter of this style, local artist Andee Rudloff has spent her entire career focusing on this type of community art. We feel that Andee’s style of creation is the perfect way to promote cycling in Nashville. We want to remind people that just like art, bikes are for everyone.