January 01, 2013

Our Tour Guides



The founder of Green Fleet, Austin wears many hats.  He has always fancied a do-it-yourself approach.  After college, he bought a bike on ebay for $100 and started a fundraiser called Rally Across America

As a part of this endeavor, he has eaten at almost every Outback Steakhouse on the East Coast and has taken his bicycle into more than 25 Children's Hospitals nationwide.  

As a bicycle messenger, his personal best is 14 deliveries in one hour.



A lifelong cyclist from Spokane, Washington, Thomas is a cruiser devotee. Fat tires and a steady pace are his way of life.

As founder of SoundForest.org, a local non-profit, he has helped plant over 7,000 trees in the Nashville area.  His forest knoweldge can best most park rangers.

He has worked with the city to host many local bicycle events including "Seven Bridges Rode", "Tour de Fat", "Bike For Branches", and the "Bongo Bicycle Parade".




Affectionately known as Nashville's "Biking Professor", Don has been a member of the faculty of Trevecca Nazarene University for 28 years, teaching a variety of psychology and sociology classes.  His specialty is Urban Studies, and he has recently launched an innovative new class in urban sociology called “Cycling the City,” in which he and his students spend  the Saturday mornings of the semester on their bicycles riding through the urban neighborhoods of Nashville in order to study them "up close and personal!"

In between classes, Don has become a fixture at Green Fleet. He has long used his expertise in the saddle as one of our go-to bicycle messengers, and when we launched Green Fleet Bicycle Tours, Don stepped in as a guide and curator.



A decorated paramedic with the Nashville Fire Department, Jason spends his off days at the Hub. His freelancing fact bombs during bicycle tours have become legendary. Because of this, bachelorette parties and team building groups have become his specialty.

When he's not out leading tours, he can be found training new delivery personel for the courier service. As a messenger, he earned the nick name "Crazy Juice" because of his superhuman ability to chug a boiling cup of coffee before every delivery.

At home, Jason and his boys are proud backyard chicken farmers.