December 10, 2013

Bikers, Just Like Women in Bad Neighborhoods

An interesting conversation over beers last night: I was telling a friend how I felt about people on bikes get blamed for accidents on 'busy roads'.  My perspective was the roads were the problem.  They are only built to accommodate cars, which correspond directly with the number of fatalities.  But when a bike shows up on the same road, bicycles start get the blame for the safety conditions of the road. The perception is that the biker is being careless.  

Now my friend, hearing this, exclaimed, "I feel the same way as a woman!!"

?! I'll admit being confused ... but then she explained:

She was talking about her neighborhood.  As a woman, her friends are overly protective of where she lives and where she goes at night.  

She gets comments like, 'I wouldn't go there if I was you,' as if an attack on her would be her fault.  After all, given their logic, she did 'put herself in the situation.' 

Thankfully, that logic won't hold up when she prosecutes her attacker in court.  The law doesn't care how 'dangerous' the place was.

So who will you accuse? Let's make the neighborhood safer rather than telling people to move out.

Here's a related story: Brave mom fights off attacker with bicycle pump in upper Manhattan park in front of her 8-month-old child