December 31, 2013

10 Things We Did in 2013

1) We became a Bicycle Shop

Thanks to Richard Radford who we affectionally call the 'bicycle chef' because of his culinary pedigree.  Richard came on board to run the shop in late July.

2) We launched the Bicycle Bus



With the artistic help of Andee Rudloff, almost 100 painting volunteers, and friends that supported us via kickstarter, we we made our downtown bicycle tour location into a work of art.  The Bicycle Bus has been under the pedestrian bridge since March.

3) We went to the National Bike Summit

We joined 15 other TN delegates in Washington DC to lobby congress for improved bicycle infrastructure funding and projects. 

4) Our couriers completed their 35,000th delivery!

And 80% of those downtown deliveries are still delivered by bicycle.  We have also seen two other companies join the market this year delivering by bike downtown (Jimmy John's and Rush Bicycle Messengers).  Together, we continue to push the 'envelope' of what can be done by bike.   

5) Our tour guides took out 1,000 people


In our second year of leading tours, our guides have taken over 1,000 people on guided bicycle tours of Nashville.


6) We brought in 5 new brands of bicycles

We rounded our 2 main brands from last year (Fuji and SE) with the addition of Brompton, Surly, Jamis, Volagi, and Linus. 

7) We led a group down the Natchez Trace

The team of 7 cyclists led by Tim Hall of Nashville Cyclist rode from Nashville to Natchez raised over $15,000 for Team Red White & Blue.  They travelled the 440 mile parkway in 4 days and averaged over 20 mph the entire way!

8) We went to Interbike

At the annual industry convention in Las Vegas, we met with representatives for our brands and compared notes with shop owners from around the country.  

9) We went to the New Belgium Bike Summit

We went to the first New Beglium Bike Summit in Fort Collins with advocates from around the country to support the Tour de Fat.  Thomas from SoundForest invited 5 Nashville folks to attend including Matthew from Ride for Reading and the Dan from the Oasis Bike Workshop.

10) We installed Nashville's first public bicycle pump 

We met Randall from Dero this year when he was in town for a sustainability conference.  Dero produces public bicycle pumps and racks.  We just put this up outside our shop.
That's all for 2013!  Thanks to all of your for making this another great year.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2014!