February 27, 2013

How to get back on a bicycle as an adult

It's the most wonderful time of the year... bicycle ridin' time.  If the last time you graced a bicycle with your presence was as a kid, it is time to get back on a bicycle as an adult.  These are some helpful tips on how to get back at it.

  • Find a bicycle.  You don't need the most expensive bicycle out there, but you will want one that is your size and durable for the riding you plan on doing.  You won't need a mountain bike if you are only riding city streets.  If buying a bicycle isn't in the plans for you, borrow one from a friend, rent from a bicycle shop or find a bike share program in your area.
  • Get on the bicycle.  If cars worry you, find a place to ride where they are not allowed.  Bike trails or Greenways are great places to start, not only will you feel safe, but you will have a nice view of the great outdoor.
  • Grab a friend, or two. Once you feel like a kid again on that two wheeled wonder, find your friends and ride to your favorite ice cream shop, coffeehouse, bar or bookstore to celebrate your accomplishment.
  • Map out your favorites. Not sure how to get around to all your favorite places? That is OK. Unfold that hipster map or open the smart phone app and find non-busy streets that will get you to your destinations.
  • Commit. You don't need to ride 100 miles a week to be an adult on a bicycle, but if you commit to ride twice a week- anywhere- you will become more confident on the bicycle and simply enjoy life.



Which of these is your next step?