May 04, 2014

5 Bicycle Accessories for Bike Month

Here are five new things that we have in stock this month.  You should come see us if you current gear doesn't include, or looks anything like this ...

1) Sunglasses

Just in time for 'sun'mer.  We have a full selection of Native Eyewear.  The best part is their designs aren't bicycle specific.  That means you'll feel just as much at home rocking their goggles on a walk in the park as you will on your bike.  


2) Shoes

Good bike shoes are a b**** to find.  That's why we picked one simple bike shoe from Shimano that will do you right on your bike.  Whether you want to road ride, commute, or tour, this is a great clip-in SPD shoe for any man or woman (yes, they are gender specific).  

3) Bags

For your 'horse'. We have a full line of bags from Carradice on the way.  The 'Original British Bicycle Bag Company' has been making waterproof bags locally since 1932.  It's nice to have a proper bag to secure your personals while riding. They have handlebar bags, saddle bags, seat bags, and ... BAGS THAT FIT BROMPTONS!!  Ok, now you know why we ordered them. 

4) Saddles

Don't let your saddle be the end of you. Invest in your tush. Too many people have a nice bike that they can't ride because their saddle sucks. Brooks Saddles are the undisputed champ when it comes to comfort and style. They've been molding seats for 'tender spots' since 1866 (almost as long as the bicycle has existed). 

5) Helmets 

Whether you think you need it or not, you should have one.  And if you're going to have one, you might as well have one that looks good from Nutcase Helmets