May 28, 2014

Alex Moulton's Handmade Bicycles

Say hi to the 'Moulton' bicycle. From famous British engineer, inventor, and lover of all things small, Alex Moulton.

Moulton was acclaimed for creating the suspension system for the Mini Car, but in the bicycle world, his contribution was as a pioneer of the small wheel bicycle.  

The modern Moulton Bike is a high performance, full suspension road bike that happens to disassemble.  That creates a bike that is easy loaded touring and varied terrain.

The TSR30 comes complete with a 58 tooth crankset and full Campagnolo group set.  Setting top speeds at 50 mph and touring around the world, the Moulton Bike is an icon.  The bikes are truly handmade. "Just the tube preparation work and brazing takes 15 hours to complete, with each one having more than 200 brazing points. An additional 15 hours is required for the rear forks."