July 15, 2014


Road trip report!  We went to Washington DC last weekend to compete in 2014 Brompton Folding Bike US Championship.  The 5th annual competition, AKA the nation's best dressed bike race, brought riders from around North America.  

The competition was stiff - or at least well ironed.  The race requirements included a collared shirt, necktie, and suit coat, a requirement that the judges relaxed due 98 degree weather.  In a field of around 80, there were three of us from Nashville - myself, Kristen, and our good friend Travis Werts.

The race for newbies and pros alike started with a sprint to the field of folded bikes [more photos from Amy Ta]...

After a quick assembly, we leapt on our bikes and headed out along the Anocostia River trail for a 6.5 mile sprint to the finish line.  It was a dead out sprint for some, for other newer folders and older riders (there was at least one grandmother) the goal was simply survival.

But the varied field didn't stop our very own Travis from setting his sights on the win, which despite some strong competition from Philadelphia and New York, he took home by a whopping 30 seconds!! [more photos from Bicycle Space]

The victory earned Travis a most gentlemanly mug shot in the Washington Post ... 

Along with a trip to England to represent Nashville and the entire US field in the Brompton World Championship on July 27th.  Yes, that's only two weeks from now.  That means he'll have only a few short days to grease his, shall we say, hinges.  Go Travis go!

Other not-so-serious events of the weekend included ...

A costume party at the British Embassy on Friday night where Kristen garnered much applause for creating a fantastic miniature bicycle helmet fascinator.  

And the Brompton Urban Scavenger Hunt.  Paired with a team of other Bromptoneers, we hit the streets of DC to creatively out-do 5 other groups of riders.  

The challenge was met! We had a great time getting lost at the National Zoo, Protesting the White House, and blocking a particularly famous intersection with bicycle Kung Fu: 

One last thanks to Bicycle Space in DC for hosting a really great brommy weekend!