August 20, 2014

Good News: Your Bike is More Likely to be Stolen!

Congratulations! Maybe you ride a swanky new bike or have been riding the same one for years, it's all the same. This information is still useful. Bike theft, while not being a huge problem in Nashville...yet. As we all know, Nashville is growing at an extremely rapid rate. The more people who are here means more bikes are going to be taking over the streets. That's a good thing but it means more bikes will be stolen and bike theft is a big problem worldwide. According to

"Each year, somewhere between 800,000 and two million bicycles—worth some $50 million—are stolen. It’s difficult to determine the precise number of stolen bikes, because most bike theft is never reported to law enforcement. Thus, even though 48% of stolen bikes are recovered by law enforcement, only 5% of stolen bikes are returned to their owners.


Protecting your bicycle against theft is easy! its so simple. Basically, you find a sturdy metal pole which is anchored to the cement. You then take your lock and wrap it around the pole the frame and hopefully your wheels, too. If you have to lock only one wheel then lock the rear but ideally you'd lock both. We recommend using a U-Lock to lock the frame and a secondary cable lock for the wheels.

Here's a good and funny video by Hal Ruzal at Bicycle Habitat in NYC grading locked bikes in the Big Apple.

Hal Grades Your Bike Locking 2014 (Part IV)

-Ben Faught