October 27, 2014

Adventure Books in Stock and Coffee for your Commute!

Are you in the mood for some adventure but don't know where to go? Come on by the shop! we've got three different books full of cycling routes that are off the main path. Bicycling Routes in Chattanooga by Elle Colquitt, and Bicycling Routes in Knoxville and Off Road Trails in Nashville, Tri-Cities, Nashville, and Chattanooga by Elle Colquitt and Jon Livengood. These books can take you anywhere you'd like to go!
Also, Its late October and it should be getting colder here in Nashville so if you feel the urge to carry a warm beverage with you on your commute to work, swing by and pick up the Barista cup holder for your coffee cups! they come in 31.8 and 26.0 bar clamp sizes, too!