April 23, 2015

Now Hiring: Job Positions at Green Fleet

As many of you know, Green Fleet has been growing.  Our shop will be relocating to the Capital District later this year.  That means we'll be needing more help.  

We have two job positions immediately available at Green Fleet:

1) Dispatcher / Shop Assistant - This position is first responsible for managing our courier service.  This can be a very high pressure task and an ability to multitask and communicate well is very important.  Since we are a small business, this person needs to also be able to take on other tasks within the bicycle shop to ensure that all customers have a positive experience.  These tasks include answering the phone, maintaining a clean working space, and working with customers.  This is a full time employee position.  40 hours per week.  Experience is not required, but a willingness to learn and flexibility is required.  Interested candidates can send resume to dispatch@greenfleetmessengers.com 

2) Courier Drivers - our couriers complete on demand deliveries Monday through Friday for business clients in the Nashville area. Couriers are compensated on a per delivery basis.  Delivery experience is not necessary, but a clean drivers record and professionalism is required.   Drivers are 1099 independent contractors and are responsible for their own schedule, transportation, and insurance.  We do not have any bicycle courier positions available at this time. Interested candidates can send resume to dispatch@greenfleetmessengers.com