Green Fleet Bicycle Tour FAQ

Questions Frequently Asked about Green Fleet Bicycle Tours:


Should I book a Green Fleet Bicycle Tour?  YES! (That was easy, right?)


Will I experience Nashville in the most unique and efficient way possible?  YES! You’ll experience lots of things that are uniquely “Nashville,” and you’ll see a lot more of those things than you would trudging around on foot or stuck behind the window of a car. And you’ll get a little exercise at the same time!


The Tour de France looks really hard. Are Green Fleet Bicycle Tours hard?  Our tours are easy! Unlike the Tour de France, which lasts three weeks, our tours usually last a little less than three hours. And we spend most of that time off of the bike, checking out cool Nashville sites. Whether you haven’t ridden a bicycle in ten years or you’re an experienced “roadie,” you’ll cruise right up Fifth Avenue on one of our comfortable and smooth-riding bicycles.


Are your tour guides the best guides ever?  We’re glad you asked, because it just so happens that, yes, our tour guides are the best. Our guides meet frequently to ensure their information is accurate and interesting. And most lead bicycle tours in their spare time, which means that off of the bicycle, your guide might be a musician, a professor at a local university, or even the owner of a local bicycle tour company.


I’m a huge country music fan. Can I see Toby Keith’s star on the CMA Walk of Fame?  Well, last time we checked, Toby Keith didn’t have a star on the CMA Walk of Fame. But yes, you can see the CMA Walk of Fame. In fact, it doesn’t matterwhether you’re a country music fan, a food connoisseur, or a history buff. Your guide will customize your tour so you see the things you want to see. You tell us your interests and we’ll do the legwork to take you where you want to go. Well, technically, you’ll do the legwork, since it’s a bicycle tour. But we’ll show you the sites that fit your interests. Unless you’re interested in Russian Jazz music during the Khrushchev era. We don’t know much about that.


I heard Marche is a great restaurant in East Nashville. Should I go there?  Yes, yes you should. And while you’re at it, try its sister-restaurant, Margot Cafe, which is just across the street? No, we’re not affiliated with Margot or Marche, but we can give you tons of great restaurant recommendations for some post-tour refreshment. Whether you’re looking for a Japanese Steakhouse, a hip pseudo-dive bar with thirty micro-brews on tap, or a gourmet popsicle stand, we’re always glad to oblige. We’ll even give you our phone number in case you think of questions after the end of your tour.


I love taking pictures. Am I allowed to bring my camera on the tour?  No! We don’t allow cameras on our tours. Just kidding! Yes! You can definitely bring your camera. And we know the spots that make for the best photos. Whether you want an iconic image of the Nashville skyline (Bob Dylan reference, anyone?) or a fantastic photo of Marathon Village, we’ll help you take the pictures you want. With tour guides who could pretty much double as professional photographers, there’s no need to take “selfies” on a Green Fleet Bicycle Tour!


We want to go on a Green Fleet Bicycle Tour and meet one of your awesome tour guides. But do YOU want to meet US?  Yes! WE want to meet YOU. We know this sounds like we’re trying to butter you up so you’ll go on a tour with us. (And maybe we are, just a little.) But we’re serious! Green Fleet Bicycle Tours tend to attract some of the world’s most unique and fascinating people. We love learning a thing or two about you and your hometown as we take you around ours.


We loved our Green Fleet Bicycle Tour and want to commemorate our experience by purchasing several hand-screened posters, bicycle handlebar bags, and shirts. Can we do that?  Yes! You can! We have a selection of cool stuff in The Bicycle Bus, which, in addition to being a community mural and mobile tour office, also happens to be a cool storefront.


Our Green Fleet Bicycle Tour was such an incredible experience that we’d like to give it a very positive review on Can we do that?  Yes. Please do! We appreciate your feedback.