Volagi Road Bikes

NOTE: Please contact us about available inventory and recommended builds.  Or use Volagi's bike builder to spec your own Volagi performance road bike with disc brakes:


"The point of the Liscio is that it's light enough to be used as a summer bike but adaptable and comfortable enough to carry on through the winter, or venture a bit off the beaten path." -Road.cc

"In 2011 BikeRadar reviewed the previous generation of Volagi's Liscio. Back then the endurance road model stood out like a sore thumb, mostly because it used disc brakes. In reality the Volagi was a forward thinking machine and as a result Volagi now have three years of invaluable experience in building disc-only road machines." -BikeRadar.com

"The shorter wheelbase and sharper geometry make the Viaje very maneuverable and fun to pilot around tighter corners and on commutes through urban areas. The sure feeling brakes are very good in feel and power, making dicey moves in city traffic more enjoyable. The short rear makes for a very playful, easy to loft bike and on smoother single track the Viaje can be hopped over obstacles with relative ease."-gravelgrindernews.com

"[The Liscio] is driven by constant improvement and desire from real cycling enthusiasts. The people at Volagi are seeking to improve the experience of road riding by encouraging people to ride for longer and extracting more enjoyment from that experience. What better way to make this happen than by

building the bikes that they want to ride." -RIDE Magazine

Type: Bicycle

Vendor: Volagi

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